Research Proposal not exceeding five (5) single spaced, typewritten pages (Please refer to “Guidelines for Application Submission” for suggested headings)
Summary of the research proposal not exceeding one (1) single spaced, typewritten page
Curriculum Vitae (Please submit a pdf version of your Common (CIHR) CV)
Letter of support from the Department/Division Chair supporting this application and agreeing to conform to the Terms of Reference. The letter should indicate the level of support and commitment by the university/institution for the candidate.
Two (2) additional letters of recommendation, one (1) of which should come from an individual not associated with the Institution where the proposed research will take place.
Evidence of appropriate Ethics Committee approval or application for approval must be included along with the consent forms where human subjects are involved in the study.

Renewal Applications

In addition to the items listed above, renewal applications must include a progress report.